Friday, 5 July 2013

We're back

Yes,  almost a full year has gone by since our last post. I take full responsibility for that as I am either too busy, too tired or just too busy wearing a tutu. No not really, I just couldn't resist using too too many times.

As you can imagine, a lot has happened over the last year, like:

  • all the boys celebrated a birthday, which makes them one year older and one year more lippy. 
  • we celebrated another Christmas together and everyone received too many gifts. 
  • I took an entire 8-month parental leave and enjoyed every minute of it. Except when i had to go grocery shopping the all three boys. That is mostly a miserable experience. 
  • George starred in his first community play, which btw he was absolutely awesome in. 
  • The boys all took swimming lessons, of which only two passed. I won't say which one failed miserably but he's still in our bad books considering we have a bloody pool in our backyard. 
  • We went on a family camping adventure which was both amazing and horrible. Amazing because Lake Erie water is so warm to swim in, horrible because these nasty flies were out in full force at Point Pellee and took chunks out of Hank. Oh, we've decided to get Hang fixed. more to come on that in the approaching weeks. 

Anyway, i just wanted to reopen the blog after a long dry spell. I won't go into all the sorted details of the last year, but rather focus on the excitement that is yet to come.

Later gators!

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keltie said...

yayayay! I can't wait to read all about it all the time!!