Monday, 15 July 2013

Our son, the Lacrosse goalie.

That's him in net
Our youngest son decided this year he wanted to play Lacrosse, which despite what many think, is Canada's national sport.

We said sure, sounds like fun!

Then he said he wanted to play goalie.

Being the eternal optimist, George said, sure, sounds like fun!

Me being me, I just groaned and envisioned parents shooting daggers at us after losing a game.

3/4 of the way through the season, I'm happy to report there have been no daggers. But rather, I've learned things like:

  • George is amazing at teaching the kid how to play a sport neither has ever played before
  • George has a very loud voice in an arena and uses it often to my utter mortification 
  • Our boy has developed a passion for something besides watching movies or playing video games
  • Our boy has made some new friends (which means we have made new friends, too)
  • Lacrosse parents are way crazier than hockey parents
  • Drinking with Lacrosse parents at tournaments is too much fun
  • Having a hangover after a tournament then driving home sucks
  • Parents do not blame other parents for losing a game. They blame their lazy ass children for losing a game and not supporting their goalie. This makes me :)
  • Getting hit by a lacrosse ball sans equipment hurts. A lot. 
  • I still don't like being the parent of a goalie, but as long as he's happy I'm happy. 

We have tried convincing our oldest to switch from hockey to lacrosse this winter, but he refuses to budge. Another season in a cold arena it is, I suppose. 

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Lesley Duffney said...

Love it...and I agree with everything you stated Rob! LOL!!