Monday, 22 July 2013

Lunch napkin notes

My friend Annabelle posted this article to Facebook today about putting notes in your kids lunches, and I've decided that we absolutely must use some of these (even though the title is "8 Napkin Notes You Shouldn't Put in Your Kid's lunch").

But you think they're mean, do you?

I will be using this note
Well let me tell you what's mean.

About two months ago I put a note that said "I love you" in all three of our kids lunches. When they got home from school, none of them said a thing.

Insulted, I decided to ask them if they got anything unusual in their lunch today.

The oldest said "he threw it away in case one of his friends saw it."

The middle boy said, "I hid it, but thank you." I also think he used it to wipe the mustard from his lips, but he didn't admit to it.

The youngest said, "Yes I got it. I love you too!" Then he gave me a hug.

Needless to say, the youngest got some ice cream that night while the others ate liver.

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keltie said...

I love everything about this--looking forward to reading the lunchbox notes you throw in there. A copywriter, no less--this is going to be GOOD