Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hank is getting fixed!

Well, it happened.

This is Hank, in his pre-balls days. 
We made the decision to finally get Hank fixed and it's happening today. I think George is more upset than Hank, something to do with his manhood. I, on the other hand, don't really care. I think my heart is shrinking or something.

We made the decision to cut cut for a number of reasons, mostly because he's becoming aggressive as of late. And a 140lb aggressive dog isn't the best idea. He's the perfect dog at home and with the kids, but when he's at the kennel or playing with other dogs... not so much
. The last kennel said he wasn't a good boy at all. And because of our busy lives, we will continue to have to board him on occasion.

Also, his unfixed manhood really friggen smells. it seeps into our floor and his pillow. It's nasty and we have more important things to do than continually clean.

And lastly, he's reached his full size and we have no intention of breeding him.

So there.

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