Sunday, 21 July 2013

Backyard camping and scaring our kids

In anticipation of our upcoming camping trip, the boys decided to spend this evening in the tent out back.

Our tent
I fully expect to scare the shit out of them some time this evening, too. George will probably yell at me for doing it... but I can't help myself! Seriously, I have a pathological need to make them scream.

On occasion I'll stand behind the bathroom door and when they come out... boo!

I've also been known to stand in the shower behind the curtain with expected results (sans knife, of course).

Of course, scary stories around the campfire is a given.

But my masterpiece was last Halloween. They asked me to tell them a scary story... so I told them the well-known masterpiece of the "call that's coming from inside the house!" However, I changed a few details, including the location (a house down the street), the victim (three brothers) and the killer (still on the loose).

No word of a lie... the minute i said "the end," two out of the three brothers started to cry and the third began crying because the others were crying. George yelled at me because he felt I took it too far. This coming from the guy who on Earth Night when all the lights were out, sneaked around outside the house and banged on the window like a madman causing the boys to scream and run to the bathroom.
Apparently my gift is rubbing off.

Meanwhile, George may have to scrub some underwear extra-long tomorrow.

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keltie said...

I support all of this, obviously