Friday, 2 March 2012

We're going on a date!

When George and I were going through the adoption process, our case worker couldn't stress enough that once the kids arrived, we had to make sure we still had "us time." She said so many new parents of both childbirth and adoption get so caught up in being a parent  they lose focus on their relationship.
Pretend these are two cute male dogs
and this'll be us tomorrow night!

We completely understood and said that would never happen to us.

Well, it's been six months since the boys joined our family and guess how many dates we've had? If you guessed zero you would be right!

But I'm happy to say that this weekend that officially changes. A friend of ours has graciously agreed to watch the kids while we go to a fancy restaurant, gaze into each other's eyes and talk about... the kids! And we may even go bowling (so we can rub it in their faces, of course.) We have absolutely no idea how they are going to behave at someone else's house but we have already read them the riot act.

If anyone has the urge to babysit three incredibly well-behaved kids in the future, please let us know! We'll love you forever.


Victoria said...

They're welcome here any time. Our house is full of Lego and other toys they would love. Have fun guys!

Peter Newman said...

They're welcome with us to but shipping is not included.