Monday, 16 January 2012

Boys, BB Guns and Corn Dogs

Last Christmas (2010) we met our neighbour one house over at a Christmas party. A lovely lady. A full year went by and we didn't see nor talk with her again. Then suddenly George runs into her and she says she heard that we have three boys now. Yes, news travels quickly in small communities.

These are not our kids but this
is what would happen if they
got their dirty little hands
on a bb gun. 
Turns out her nephew drops by every weekend and she  thought our boys would get along well with him. So she suggested that on a Sunday they drop by for a visit. So for three weeks straight they got up the courage to do just that... but he was never there! We were starting to think it was never going to happen.

But then this past Sunday he showed up at our house looking for our boys.

After some brief introductions, the boys got dressed in their warmest threads and headed out for an afternoon of fun.

George and I were unsure how the afternoon would progress but we're happy to announce it went off quite well and they have a new friend! Some highlights include:

  • We spied the boys hiding something under a tree before coming in for a snack. After a brief interrogation, George found out they had bibi guns! Despite the fact that there was no ammunition, we asked them to return the guns to their rightful owners. 
  • We planned on serving corn dogs and mac and cheese for lunch. Their new friend told us he's allergic to corn and cheese. After a quick call to their mom, we found out he was full of it, and in fact loved corn dogs!! This gave us a new-found appreciation for the fact that our kids don't have any allergies. Although we are pissed that they can't bring Peanut Butter sandwiches to school. 
  • George and I got to spend almost four hours in pure silence! It was wonderful... we almost forgot what it was like. 
We're ecstatic that the boys made a new friend in the 'hood and hope that they make many more in the future. 


Linda Morris said...

They can't bring peanut butter to school for their own lunches? Is that because of other children having allergies?

Robert & George said...

no - no peanut butter allowed because of the potential of allergies in the school. Kinda sucky.