Monday, 16 January 2012

Boys, BB Guns and Corn Dogs

Last Christmas (2010) we met our neighbour one house over at a Christmas party. A lovely lady. A full year went by and we didn't see nor talk with her again. Then suddenly George runs into her and she says she heard that we have three boys now. Yes, news travels quickly in small communities.

These are not our kids but this
is what would happen if they
got their dirty little hands
on a bb gun. 
Turns out her nephew drops by every weekend and she  thought our boys would get along well with him. So she suggested that on a Sunday they drop by for a visit. So for three weeks straight they got up the courage to do just that... but he was never there! We were starting to think it was never going to happen.

But then this past Sunday he showed up at our house looking for our boys.

After some brief introductions, the boys got dressed in their warmest threads and headed out for an afternoon of fun.

George and I were unsure how the afternoon would progress but we're happy to announce it went off quite well and they have a new friend! Some highlights include:

  • We spied the boys hiding something under a tree before coming in for a snack. After a brief interrogation, George found out they had bibi guns! Despite the fact that there was no ammunition, we asked them to return the guns to their rightful owners. 
  • We planned on serving corn dogs and mac and cheese for lunch. Their new friend told us he's allergic to corn and cheese. After a quick call to their mom, we found out he was full of it, and in fact loved corn dogs!! This gave us a new-found appreciation for the fact that our kids don't have any allergies. Although we are pissed that they can't bring Peanut Butter sandwiches to school. 
  • George and I got to spend almost four hours in pure silence! It was wonderful... we almost forgot what it was like. 
We're ecstatic that the boys made a new friend in the 'hood and hope that they make many more in the future. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kids say the funniest things

This evening my youngest boy and I were taking a drive to pick up our delicious Pizza Pizza pizza. On our way home I casually said, "We're almost home!" to which he replied, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and grenades."

No word of a lie. My six year old said that! I thought I was going to pee myself.

I asked where he heard that and he said Daddy said it a few days ago in relation to almost getting their homework done.

We're absolutely amazed that they can remember a quote like that word for word but yet they can't remember to lift the toilet seat and aim for the centre.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Our front yard is a skating rink!

George filling up the
skating rink while
 the oldest watches
 in anticipation
When the boys joined the family, we asked them all to pick one extra-curricular activity they'd like to get involved in. Despite the fact that our oldest boy couldn't skate, he chose hockey. So we signed him up for a program in our community where he not only learns how to skate, but learns how to play hockey, too.

And he's doing amazing!

So to help him get even better (and to give all of us something to do in the dead of winter) George decided to build a hockey rink in our front yard.  But after spending a few hundred bucks on wood and a tarp, then filling it up with water, we quickly realized that the front yard slants considerably south.

But did that stop Carpenter George?? Hell no! he built up some side boards so the water can fill up in that end, which gave the rink the added benefit of looking like a real hockey rink. Plus he put in some supports to ensure the thing doesn't break with its incredible amount of water. Thankfully we're on a well so we don't have to pay extra for the water.

George patiently teaching
the kids to skate
After a few weeks of warm weather, the rink finally froze and yesterday the kids spent part of the day skating. And by kids I mean Skyler was out there for a very long time while the others lasted a few minutes.

Plus, George even put out some lights, so we spent a good chunk of the evening skating, too.

All kinds of cars honk as they pass by. George waves like the country bumpkin he is, I just ignore like the city transplant I am.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Our first Christmas together

Gift for Dad - a hand print! 
Our first Christmas and New Years with the boys was a smashing success! They absolutely loved all their gifts, except for the fact that the remote controlled jeep's battery was a dud and the remote controlled helicopter from The Source was a piece of crap (it's impossible to land the thing gracefully so after about 10 so-called landings it broke.) Needless to say there were a few tears, but they recovered quick enough when we visited my sister's on Boxing Day for our second Christmas.

Turns out the gifts the boys made us (discussed in previous post) were wonderful. Although our middle boy didn't quite finish what he was working on, which resulted in an unpainted ceramic dish and a half-painted painting. No matters... he was proud which made us proud.

We're looking forward to Easter, now!
A place to put Daddy's
favourite chocolate! 

Air Daddy

Painting #1

Painting #2