Thursday, 8 December 2011

School Christmas Concert

Our kid is not in this pic. 
Our oldest boy is in the school choir and last night they had their annual Christmas concert. I was thinking there would be like 30 or 40 kids on the stage. But no... there were probably 200 kids on the stage, many of them in costumes! And because I arrived late due to a ticket mix-up, I was stuck sitting in the back row. Which meant, I couldn't see a whole lot.

Long story short... I couldn't see my boy. I literally spent the first 20 minutes scanning the choir looking for him. I felt like such a horrible dad - i couldn't recognize my boy! Then i thought maybe the bugger was lying all along and he wasn't in the choir but was using the time to get up to no good. Then i thought maybe he was sick and wasn't able to sing. (it's amazing what runs through your head sometimes)

Finally, my other kid told me to look behind the choir master. And there he was... in the first row sitting down singing away. I was so proud for all of 5 minutes.

George gets to go to tonight's show. I told him to get there early and don't sit behind the choir master. Hopefully he'll get some pictures.

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