Friday, 2 December 2011

Our dog Hank. Does he need a friend?

Our dog's name is Hank.
He's a South African Mastiff and he weighs 140lbs, give or take.
This is Hank
He doesn't look comfy
but he is. 
His food consumption is ridiculous.
Because of allergies we have to feed him raw food.
His farts smell horrible.
His drool doubles our wash load.
The kids love him (except when he gets too excited at playtime and starts to run around like a mad dog)
He tolerates the kids (we say this because the kids have been known to try and ride him like a horse and he let's them)
He's part of the family and we love him.

Our last dog Lola, an incredibly cute Westie, died this past April and we have considered getting another dog. And with George home on paternity, maybe now is the time to get one? He could do all the training and fun stuff right now in the middle of winter.

This is Hank as a puppy
George has mentioned a number of times he likes Newfoundlanders. I've become fond of Dachshunds (weiner dog). The boys don't seem to care what kind.

Got any suggestions? We'd love to hear them!


Matt Daley said...

I say go for it. If George has the time to spend with your new dog, then it could be great addition to your family. We lost our big Lab, Bailey, suddenly in June. Our little Jack Russell, Dexter, never seemed to get over it so we adopted Abby from the local shelter. Abby suffered abuse her first two years so she wasn't too sure of us when we first brought her home and she had some issues with trust, but Dexter loved and loves her. After almost four months later, Abby is slowly warming up to us. I am surprised it's taking so long, but I am told this is not uncommon. Slowly but surely, she's learning we love her no matter what and, best of all, our little girl adores her. I say go for it, but consider giving a shelter dog a second chance in your loving home. They are a lot of work, but witnessing a transformation has been an experience!

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