Thursday, 3 November 2011

Stop the Mega Quarry

So get this, a company called The Highland Group (a Hedge Fund based in Boston) quietly bought more than 7000 acres of incredibly fertile agricultural land near a place called Melancthon Township, Ontario. That's just outside Shelburne and about an hour north of Toronto.

From the start they said their intention was to keep it agricultural and to create the biggest farming operation in Ontario. I read somewhere that 50% of the potatoes consumed in Toronto come from this region.

Then, BOOM, they applied for an application to turn this land into a "Mega Quarry", which would be the 2nd largest in North America. Basically they want the Limestone beneath the land.

This "Mega Quarry" would be deeper than Niagara Falls. In fact, it would be 200 feet below the water table in an area that is known to be the primary source for water for millions of Ontario residents.

This is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Thankfully, the Ontario government has said an environmental assessment will be required.

We the people behind 1 Acre are of the belief that clean water and food grown close to our homes are more important than limestone.

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