Friday, 11 November 2011

Reading glasses, part 2

So George drove him to school. Late. 
Turns out the secretaries don't ask why a student is late, which kinda shot a hole in our plan to have him explain why he wouldn't bring his glasses to school. 
Needless to say, George told them anyway. The boy was not impressed.

Last night I asked him why the bid deal over the glasses? He said "no one at school wears glasses." We talked a bit more about it, I explained that all kinds of people wear glasses to read, including both daddy and papa. He still seemed a little irked. Then Star Wars Phantom Menace was put on and I was irked because that movie is so bad. 



hugh said...

Declan had to get glasses when he was 3, I think. He really hated them until his daycare had a whole day celebrating his glasses.

They had a glasses parade where everyone made themselves a pair of glasses and paraded around the room. Now Declan isn't bothered at all. We also made sure to get him a pair of Transitions lenses so he wouldn't need sunglasses.

Robert & George said...

A glasses parade! That is such a wonderful idea. I think my son (Skyler) is simply embarrassed wearing them. So i think i'll start wearing mine more often and do the usual compliments and stuff.

Andrew said...

When I got my glasses (at about 4), I was terribly embarrassed by them. What helped me was when my Mum reminded me that Superman wore glasses (sort of)...he might be too old for Superman to help, but cool role models might help.

OnlyMi said...

G has worn glasses forever. He says he was teased but can't remember having an issue with it. Probably because he can't remember life without them. I always wanted glasses growing up and now that I have to wear them, I keep forgetting about them. Just tell him Harry Potter wore glasses. And find some other role models or storybook heros with glasses. :-)