Thursday, 10 November 2011

Reading glasses, part 1

When our oldest boy joined the family, he came with reading glasses. However, he rarely uses them. In fact, he uses them so little that we forgot he even had them. 

Until recently. 

We've been asking him to wear them because, quite frankly, his handwriting is horrible. No word of a lie, his writing looks like something a child in grade 1 would do. I can say this because our third boy, who is in grade 1, has handwriting like him. His teacher has even been making comments on his homework that his handwriting needs to improve. 

So in addition to his usual homework, we have been asking him to practice his handwriting. 

Long story short, we have been insisting that he wears his glasses again (as this could be part of the problem), and until he goes to the eye doctor, he will wear them. Of course he says he doesn't need them.

Well, right now as I write this, him and George are having a showdown on our front porch about bringing them to school. He flat out refuses. And he's missed his bus because George won't let him leave without them. My suggestion to George is to wait until he's late, then drive him to school and when the secretary ask why he's late, he can explain it. At that point, the teachers at the school will be aware that he must always wear his glasses. 

I will post an update with the results later! Stay tuned for more "As the world turns on 1 Acre" 


Peter On The Bruce said...

I've always blamed my bad handwriting on my primary school teachers hitting me across the knuckles with a ruler because I was writing with my left hand. Truth is, I've never been able to spell very well and bad handwriting covered it up. But of course you two are a pair of old fogies and haven't realised none of it matters; all he's going to need in the future is to be able to wiggle his thumbs.

Robert & George said...

Thanks for your comment Peter on the bruce. I've considered that... really how important is handwriting in today's age? When he gets older he'll be using computers all the time. However, in his grade everything is still handwritten so he should be able to write with some legibility.

OnlyMi said...

Get them to write well. It's a skill and it helps work the brain in different ways than plunking around on a keyboard. And music...have them learn some instrument, even if poorly.