Sunday, 6 November 2011

Planting garlic

Bulb from last year's garlic
Last year we went to the Stratford Garlic Festival (yes it exists!) and we picked up a bunch of heirloom garlic bulbs. I planted 'em in the fall, cared for them in the spring, snipped the scapes (and fried them up) and harvested them in late summer.

Btw what's the hoopla with scapes? We were a little underwhelmed with them. Maybe next year we will fry them up with some garlic.

Our crop was spectacular! Really big bulbs. Thankfully George is a genius in the kitchen and uses them often.

This weekend I took 12 of my harvested bulbs and planted them and covered them with hay. 8" across and 3" down. I hope it's not too late in the season. I read that as long as they have time to grow some roots they should be ok. If anyone has some tips or suggestions I'd appreciate it!
Bulb being planted
Our plot of Garlic with hay on it.

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