Monday, 14 November 2011

Our first "fine dining" experience

For those who don't know, our boys are of mixed heritage: Vietnamese and Caucasian. But they look like George. So we  tell people they're Portuguese.

When they first moved in, they kept asking George to make Pho. They said they used to have it and really liked it. George and I were a bit skeptical. I mean, really... Pho does not have ketchup in it nor is it fried. Well, this past week we received a brochure for a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant in Georgetown called Lily, which advertised Pho. So Saturday night we all jumped in the car and made the drive into town.

We expected the place to be somewhat casual. But no, it was a super cute bistro type place with table clothes, real cloth napkins and wine glasses on the table. To make matters worse, the place was pretty busy and there were no kids. I think it's safe to say that George and I were a bit nervous. But we decided to throw Pho to the wind and go for it.

Guess what happened? About an hour into the meal, a gaggle of older women stopped by our table on their way out to say what well-behaved children we have. George beamed like a Christmas tree while I picked my chin up from the fried rice.

The boys got not one, but two cookies for dessert that night!

Oh and the Pho? The boys loved the beef and the noodles. Hated the onions. And they tried Calamari for the first time. Of course they had no idea what Calamari was until they ate about three each at which time George told them. Surprisingly, they weren't bothered about it. But it did give them a chance to make jokes about squid squirting ink and stuff.

The Pho dishes were huge so they only ate about 1/3. So we brought the rest home, warmed it for lunch on Sunday at which point they claimed it tasted awful. Sigh.


Peter On The Bruce said...

Does Air Canada fly to Vietnam?

Robert & George said...

I wish!

Gregory & Ron said...

we have the original Lily Thai here in Acton and its GREAT. Its VERY small though, which is great to keep our (rarely) unruly boys from having a echoing, ampitheater experience.

Robert & George said...

There's a Lily in Acton? Gotta check that one out, too! thanks