Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Our first concert with the boys

Parents who have children from birth get to experience so many “firsts”. Things like first laughs, first birthdays, first walks, first pees in the toilet and first days of school.

Sadly, George and I have missed out on all those firsts.

Yamato Drummers of Japan
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And for many adults who adopt older children, there is often a massive sense of loss with respect to this. And now that we’re in that position (we adopted our boys when they were 6, 7 and 8) we can completely empathize.

But when we were going through the adoption training, our case worker suggested we don’t dwell on what could have been, but rather what is or will be. In other words, we as parents of young children are still going to experience a huge number of firsts.

And last night was one of them.

A few months ago, George suggested we pick up some tickets to see the Yamato Drummers of Japan at the Brampton Rose Theatre. Costs weren’t too high and they had half-price tickets for kids. It would be the kids first “concert”. And it was cultural, too!

So last night was the big night. After giving the boys “the talk” in the car (no talking during the performance, no farting etc…) we all made our way to the theatre, took our seats and waited for the lights to dim. In the meantime, the kids were full of enthusiastic questions.
“Why is there smoke?” (it’s dry ice and it’s for the mood)
“Why can’t we sit up front? (because we’re not rich)
“Why can’t we sit in the balcony? (because these seats are better)
“Can I have a snack? (stop asking for food)
“Can I have a drink? (no)

Once the lights dimmed and the drumming started, we knew what “firsts” are really, truly all about. The boys were completely digging the music. Their clapping was crazy happy. Their eyes were bigger than pizzas. They loved every single minute of the night. And it was just as much fun watching them as it was watching the drummers (who, btw, were absolutely incredible!!)

Unfortunately we took off a few minutes early so we could beat the rush and get the boys to bed at a reasonable time (if they don’t get their sleep, boy are they grumpy the next day!)

Overall, the night couldn’t have gone any better and we can't wait to experience more firsts with them. 

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Elizabeth Elliott said...

I think the best and most meaningful 'firsts' are the ones you can share together and that your children are old enough to remember. Your boys are always going to remember their first concert and that's SO special.