Saturday, 12 November 2011

Most disgusting meal ever...

Each boy gets to pick a meal a week.
The only condition is that the meal cannot be something incredibly unhealthy or just plain awful. An example that comes to mind are chocolate bars and a side of ketchup. Ick, right?

So when our youngest said his meal for the week would be spaghetti tacos, we said ok. I mean, how bad could that be?

Well, it was awful. Disgusting in fact. Spaghetti in hard taco shells do not go together.

For the most part they liked them. I am not surprised.


keltie said...

Barf. Do not bring leftovers to work on Monday.

Robert & George said...

But i have a container with your name on it Keltie!!

Andrew said...

When I was a kid I used to love spaghetti sandwiches...on white bread...yum! Spaghetti in red sauce, cold and slopped on to wonder bread, buttered.
Mmmmmm. Hmmm... Maybe a Sunday snack idea... :)