Monday, 7 November 2011

Harvesting Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Fermenting heirloom tomatoes
This past Spring we drove out to a place in Prince Edward County called Vicki's Vegetables to buy some Heirloom Tomatoes plants. We spent a mini fortune, bought a wonderful variety, planted them and enjoyed our bounty. For the most part, the kids did not enjoy the tomatoes (with the exception of the Chocolate Tomato variety... I wonder why?)

As the season wound down, I dutifully picked a sample from each bush and put them in a jar to ferment so I could take the seeds for next year. I let them ferment for about 6 weeks. So this past weekend when I went to pick out the seeds, I sadly noticed that there weren't any seeds at all. I think I fermented them to death. Plus, they smelled like what 6-week old fermented tomatoes would smell like. It isn't pretty.

Le sigh.

My Dad told me he ferments them for about 3 days!

Next year I'll try it all over again.

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