Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This was our first Halloween with the boys. And I've gotta say, living in the country during this most Hallowed time of year has its pros and cons. Pros? No one comes to our house so we don't have to buy any candy. Cons? No one comes to our house so we can't have fun scaring the daylights out of the kiddies.

So we did what everyone else does in the country - throw the kids in the car and go to town. In our backseat was Harry Potter,  a Zombie Hockey Player and some sort of Knight in Shining Armor (the armor being the lid to one of George's pots, which after about 15 minutes got too heavy so guess who was stuck holding it?)

We had such a good time. Everyone was really friendly, the kids were well-behaved and polite (although we did hear one person say their trick or treats could be a little more enthusiastic!) And they got enough candy to (unknowingly) share with us.

Our Harry Potter Pumpkin

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