Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The benefits of getting your eyes checked annually

Quite simply, our youngest boy has terrible handwriting. And his drawing skills are even worse. They’re so bad that his teacher went out of her way to show us an example of what level a grade one student should be at vs. what level our boy is at. The results weren’t pretty.

This is not our son.
His skills (or lack thereof) were something that we noticed almost the day he joined our family. And in all honestly, we did ask ourselves if handwriting is really that important? I mean, let’s face it… adults today rarely raise a pen to write a note. Can you imagine what it will be like when today’s children are adults? Will pens even exist?

But we decided that handwriting is still important so he should learn how to do it legibly. And if he could draw a picture, even better!

So in addition to his normal homework, George had him practicing his tracing skills, colouring and writing letters. And we began to see an improvement.

But then the other day all three boys had their annual eye examination. And guess what? It turns out that he’s basically blind in one eye and needs glasses for the other. Thankfully the doctor tells us this can be fixed… with the use of a patch on the good eye for one hour every day.

Of course he’s upset because he thinks everyone at school is going to make fun of him. But we did manage to convince him that only smart people wear glasses.

Oh, and our oldest boy no longer needs to wear his glasses.

There’s lots to this parenting thing, isn’t there?

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Andrew Vail said...

Good call on the eye exams!! I've been wearing glasses since grade 4. I can remember sitting quietly in class because I couldn't see the board. Naturally, that had an effect on my grades. I was even put into 'basic' classes becasue they thought I had a learning disability. Turns out I was just a little blind. I hated wearing glasses in school (as most kids do...some things never change) but I can see...and I'm far from being 'basic'. Get a cool eye patch and glasses and make the kids want to be like you! :-)