Friday, 9 August 2013

What the heck are they teaching kids in school these days?

Hmmm, a paintball battle would have
been so cool. 
After two years, we felt it was time the boys did a little traveling outside of their comfort zone. After all, our little vacations up till now have consisted of camping and visiting Niagara Falls. So yes, they really haven't experienced anything different. Nor have they ever been on a plane.

So we decided to take a little jaunt to Quebec City! 

But this post isn't about our trip to Quebec City.

This post is about the sorry state of our education system. I say this because their knowledge of Canada, and Quebec in general, can make baby Jesus cry. 

Please allow me to present a number of quotes, and one statement,  from our boys whilst in Quebec:

"Does Quebec have its own money?"
"Are we still in Canada?"
"Do we need a passport?"
"Did Abraham Lincoln fight on the Plains of Abraham?"
"Is pizza French?"
"The changing of the guards should include paintball bullets or Nerf guns." I actually agree with this as it would have made the whole thing much more interesting :)

Should the boys, who are now going into grades 3, 4 and 6, know more about Canada and our history at their ages? When do the schools start teaching it these days?  Our kids can name the US president, but not know who the Canadian Prime Minister is. They also know who the first US president was, but not Canada's first Prime Minister.

Anyway, that's my rant.

Quebec City is absolutely gorgeous, the food is delicious and the Sangria is to die for. Sadly I didn't get my Beaver Tail :(

Monday, 22 July 2013

Lunch napkin notes

My friend Annabelle posted this article to Facebook today about putting notes in your kids lunches, and I've decided that we absolutely must use some of these (even though the title is "8 Napkin Notes You Shouldn't Put in Your Kid's lunch").

But you think they're mean, do you?

I will be using this note
Well let me tell you what's mean.

About two months ago I put a note that said "I love you" in all three of our kids lunches. When they got home from school, none of them said a thing.

Insulted, I decided to ask them if they got anything unusual in their lunch today.

The oldest said "he threw it away in case one of his friends saw it."

The middle boy said, "I hid it, but thank you." I also think he used it to wipe the mustard from his lips, but he didn't admit to it.

The youngest said, "Yes I got it. I love you too!" Then he gave me a hug.

Needless to say, the youngest got some ice cream that night while the others ate liver.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Backyard camping and scaring our kids

In anticipation of our upcoming camping trip, the boys decided to spend this evening in the tent out back.

Our tent
I fully expect to scare the shit out of them some time this evening, too. George will probably yell at me for doing it... but I can't help myself! Seriously, I have a pathological need to make them scream.

On occasion I'll stand behind the bathroom door and when they come out... boo!

I've also been known to stand in the shower behind the curtain with expected results (sans knife, of course).

Of course, scary stories around the campfire is a given.

But my masterpiece was last Halloween. They asked me to tell them a scary story... so I told them the well-known masterpiece of the "call that's coming from inside the house!" However, I changed a few details, including the location (a house down the street), the victim (three brothers) and the killer (still on the loose).

No word of a lie... the minute i said "the end," two out of the three brothers started to cry and the third began crying because the others were crying. George yelled at me because he felt I took it too far. This coming from the guy who on Earth Night when all the lights were out, sneaked around outside the house and banged on the window like a madman causing the boys to scream and run to the bathroom.
Apparently my gift is rubbing off.

Meanwhile, George may have to scrub some underwear extra-long tomorrow.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Our son, the Lacrosse goalie.

That's him in net
Our youngest son decided this year he wanted to play Lacrosse, which despite what many think, is Canada's national sport.

We said sure, sounds like fun!

Then he said he wanted to play goalie.

Being the eternal optimist, George said, sure, sounds like fun!

Me being me, I just groaned and envisioned parents shooting daggers at us after losing a game.

3/4 of the way through the season, I'm happy to report there have been no daggers. But rather, I've learned things like:

  • George is amazing at teaching the kid how to play a sport neither has ever played before
  • George has a very loud voice in an arena and uses it often to my utter mortification 
  • Our boy has developed a passion for something besides watching movies or playing video games
  • Our boy has made some new friends (which means we have made new friends, too)
  • Lacrosse parents are way crazier than hockey parents
  • Drinking with Lacrosse parents at tournaments is too much fun
  • Having a hangover after a tournament then driving home sucks
  • Parents do not blame other parents for losing a game. They blame their lazy ass children for losing a game and not supporting their goalie. This makes me :)
  • Getting hit by a lacrosse ball sans equipment hurts. A lot. 
  • I still don't like being the parent of a goalie, but as long as he's happy I'm happy. 

We have tried convincing our oldest to switch from hockey to lacrosse this winter, but he refuses to budge. Another season in a cold arena it is, I suppose. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hank is getting fixed!

Well, it happened.

This is Hank, in his pre-balls days. 
We made the decision to finally get Hank fixed and it's happening today. I think George is more upset than Hank, something to do with his manhood. I, on the other hand, don't really care. I think my heart is shrinking or something.

We made the decision to cut cut for a number of reasons, mostly because he's becoming aggressive as of late. And a 140lb aggressive dog isn't the best idea. He's the perfect dog at home and with the kids, but when he's at the kennel or playing with other dogs... not so much
. The last kennel said he wasn't a good boy at all. And because of our busy lives, we will continue to have to board him on occasion.

Also, his unfixed manhood really friggen smells. it seeps into our floor and his pillow. It's nasty and we have more important things to do than continually clean.

And lastly, he's reached his full size and we have no intention of breeding him.

So there.